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Tampa, Florida, United States
City Of SWIG

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@Photographybyjag - Photographer, Videographer, event coordinator & musician.

My name is Brandon and I was introduced to SWIG in 2013. I started off as a big supporter to a long time friend, and was slowly starting to be brought in. At first I used to go by “The Lab,” and help with production with SWIG, then as the years went by, SWIG slowly introduced me to being part of his team. I remember I went out to one of his Photoshoots, he had his camera and I asked him if I could use it and take pictures and practice while the photographer was taking pictures of the model. A year later, SWIG sold me my first camera and I fell in love with photography. Now I’m a self taught photographer for one of the biggest clothing brands in Tampa Bay. I’m always ready to work and ready to expand. Specializing in portrait, family, and event photography, I’m here to help you live the moment, and capture the memories. 

⁃ Photography by JAG

“Capture the Memories”


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@Scarnvisuals - Photographer, videographer & communications / project manager.

Something I was always told was that my style caught the eye. I never tried to portray to have someone style but my own. I honestly believe everyone has their own style to bring to the table that can define themselves. I first discovered SWIG back in 2012 when the original Cloud NINE Tee Shirt was originated. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be involved with the brand and the lifestyle it brought. I got the opportunity to join the team by showing what I was capable of doing behind the lens with a simple picture of the infamous LIT dad hat SWIG released. The rest is history. Currently I’m heavily involved by assisting/collaborating with local entrepreneurs who seek the opportunity to be involved in photo shoots for SWIG but also expanding with BTS footage. I’m very active with projects that are presented to the team from local brands and businesses. I have a vision I want to introduce to everyone and slowly but surely people are starting see it and that is my Photography/Videography Business “Scarn Visuals”. The name comes from the legendary Michael Scarn from the popular show “The Office”. I believe no matter what it is I’m destined to do in life my camera will be by my side capturing key moments to remember. 

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@RubeDigital - retail manager, artist, producer & entertainer.

My first contact with SWIG was early 2018 when I purchased their Everyday Is Payday Tee Shirt and based on the popularity in the city and the creativity in the design I knew it was something I needed to be a part of. So I joined the team and put my Retail Management skills to work. My goal is to help SWIG reach its full potential that I know we can be by teamwork and networking by setting up at local events and showing love to fellow creators in Tampa. Expect nothing but big things this year from SWIG

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