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Tampa, Florida, United States
City Of SWIG

Welcome to City of SWIG

Joey Franchize

Tampa Bay's Best dj & Radio PersoNALITY

Big Brother, Inspiration, Humble, Supportive & Homie.


On January 12, 2019 I called Joey and had a vision of creating an annual celebration called "$WIG DAY". The moment I explained my idea to this man, he was 100% down. There wasn't a person better fit for the job than this man right here. He created the perfect energy, vibe and fit my style best. 

Thank you

I met Joey about a year ago and I can't say thank you enough for believing in me, connecting me to so many people, giving me good advice and always having my back no matter what. He's truly someone I admire & can count on. 

Thank you brother.

Master pyro

Photographer, Videographer, Director & Visual Artist


I met Master Pyro about 2/3 weeks before SWIG DAY, from the moment we engaged into conversation I could feel his energy, vibe and hunger to grow as a Artist. After we worked out our first project together everything we touched as a collaboration was PURE GOLD. He has done all of my recent video visuals & we are working on more to come. 

 Shout out to one of the most talented Photographers & Videographers I’ve worked with , everything time we work or link up it’s nothing less then an amazing experience . This man right here created the dopest SWIG DAY VIDEO.


SWIG x Ambitious Clothing Fitness Video

Premiering the first SWIG Commercial. In this video my vision is to show the world that SWIG isn’t just a clothing line it’s a lifestyle and is a BRAND. STYLE WITH INDIVIDUAL GREATNESS is the way I live my life. Check out the featured products with are some of my favorite accessories as in my Fanny Pack, SWIG Small Duffle Bag, SWIG Woman’s Custom Shorts & Staple Piece Bleach Tour Tee. I want to personally thank everyone who’s help make this video come to life.

Starring - Jermaine & Wendy 

Famous Kid Brick

Roc Nation Recording Artist / Big Homie


Best Investment & You Trippin, I’m Drippin SPOTTED on the DRIP KING @famouskidbrick2 , support the people who support you, I really look up to the big bro, pathing the way for us in TAMPA to never give up, stay humble & follow your dreams.


Tampa Bay's Best


BIG shout out to my big homie @famouskidbrick2 for always showin love to me, the brand & the city.
SPECIAL EDITION Based in Tampa Distressed Hoodie

Rolling Loud MIami


Big S/O Tampa’s Own @famouskidbrick2 SPOTTED in Miami, FL at @rollingloud & putting on for the 813. Y’all check out his new single BLING OUT . straight heat big things coming out the city 🔥




New Red SWIG Fanny Packs x Heart Break Tee. Dope collab with local artist @kh.artwork with the pop up live art painting  

$Wig Day Signature Painting


Each & Every person who attended $WIG DAY signed this painting. In remembrance of this Celebration.

MONEY DOn't Sleep


This tee is inspired by the fact that the world is revolves around money & it never stops, This is for anyone who will do whatever it takes to follow their dreams, feed their family, triple their incomes and Get That Bag

International Artist Aims To Connect Tampa’s Community

Art Show in Downtown Tampa that aims to draw a connection between the local creative community & Tampa’s investors. She will exhibit 20+ pieces of art constructed from Magazine Clippings that signify the importance of individualism and cohesion. The project will debut July at Factory 114, in Channelside. Mila is looking for participation from the community as she will have an Interactive Art piece that will be on display in Factory 114. This Collab is bringing ART & SWIG urban fashion together.