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Growing up in Queens, New York I was introduced to urban street fashion at a young age. One of the many things I've always loved about urban fashion is that you could put your own individual twist and express yourself through your choice of clothing. This same love transpired to my clothing brand years later. When people first hear the name behind  "SWIG"  it's one of my favorite stories to tell. Back in 2011 I was introduced to the word SWIG for the first time, I couldn't tell you exactly why but it's a word that has stuck with me.  Later that year I decided to turn SWIG into a clothing brand which stands for Style With Individual Greatness. Once that was established I integrated into working on my logo the cloud, now if you look up the text book definition of what a cloud is it'll tell you "a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground." You may be thinking "how does this relate to Style With Individual Greatness?" I would say a cloud is transparent much like a person when you don't know them, but for a spilt second when you're meeting a person or looking at a person through a screen what they're wearing is a form of how they express themselves and is initially making a statement. I wanted a cloud to be on the outskirts of SWIG because I want every person that wears my clothing to feel as though they're making some sort of statement, that you can wear a piece of clothing and feel like you have something exclusive and completely different...something typically high above the ground. SWIG to me is not just a clothing brand it's an overall lifestyle.

Here at City Of SWIG®, we like to think that our customers are our inspiration to help create a personal touch and new vision of urban street fashion.

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Mieux Magazine Feature 2019

SWIG - Welcome to the underground.

What we allow to define the success of our lives is a vulnerable situation. We often find ourselves in stagnant positions of procrastination because we’ve forced ourselves to believe we’re not ready. The reality of it all is that we may never “feel” ready. But those who have the internal power to start anyway, those like the creative minds behind SWIG (Style With Individual Greatness), will continue to move in directions that guarantee nothing but reputable success.

I was once told, “there’s no danger in starting and not knowing where you’re going.”

It’s unimaginable to believe that SWIG was started with nothing but a mere 35 dollars. Within the past three years, this emerging fashion brand has gone from one graphic tee, to collections of shirts, hoodies, windbreaker style jackets, fanny packs and even custom logo lighters. The interesting play on this brand is how close the name comes to saying swag, especially being that every design created by SWIG carries much of it.

One piece that instantly caught my eye was the “VAMP” t-shirt designs. Like most of the material created by SWIG, these designs honed in on versatile quality and simplistic, yet intricate style. To give a quick visual, the Vamp Tee has been seen twice by the brand due to its continuous popularity. Available in olive and black, it has SWIG largely printed along the back in bright red letters that appear to be dripping like blood. The front of the design displays an open vampire’s mouth with two gold fangs. However, creating dope clothing is not the top reason why SWIG has come to their current standpoint.

SWIG remains a brand that’s homegrown. Built in Tampa, this is a brand that continues to remind its supporters where it all started. This love for their city not only builds a solid fan base, but also adds as a consistent marketing tactic. SWIG apparel has been seen on DJ’s, hosts, socialites, athletes and most recently being copped by Dreamville’s, Bas. I have no doubt that SWIG will continue to work and show us why they are who they are. The brand has it’s very first pop-up shop coming in January of 2019 and I’m excited what possible new looks they’ll have in store.

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Tampa, Florida, United States

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